The Best Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Pilates Pro SPP089 Reviews


beverly hills fitness supreme pilates pro

This Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Pilates Pro SPP089 makes me exercise effectively and is giving me results in improving my health and body physique this year, 2017-2018.

The greatest thing in this machine is that, it has a toning tower that can perform different types of pilates exercises which can give you the best results you want to have a slim, firm and sexy body.

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Most of you are curious to know the difference between Supreme Pilates PRO vs Supreme Toning Tower. Both of them look similar but have distinctive uses to help improve your muscles. Scroll down below and you will find out the difference.


Before this great discovery, I always have these ups and downs that perhaps most of you also are experiencing.

Tired Of Your Own Looks

How many times do we hear people saying the words to us chubby or fat. Sometimes we get annoyed and developed a sense of inferiority complex and because of that we felt like we don’t have to mingle to our friends or co workers.

We get depressed and felt secluded and alone. Now all of these will end soon, because you have discovered the solution to fight it and this is the new pilates machine that you have found.

Feelings Of Inferiority

This awefull sense of not being accepted by our peer groups of friends because of our heavy weight is little by little draining us. Affecting us also in all of our daily activities. Our tendency is not to be around anyone and unconsciously have the fear of hiding ourselves to the public. We came to realized that we have developed inferiority complex.

Risking Your Health

On top of all these negative things around us we are also risking our health in danger. Because of our depressing situation we kept on eating unhealthy food. We became prone to sicknesses such us diabetes, high blood pressure and other debilitating health problems.

But hey, I am so happy that you have found this site because right now you will be discovering a new way to lose your weight, be healthy, lean and sexy.


  1. You Will Become Lean And Sexy

    How many times did you wish that you have the most sexy and lean physique? We kept on dreaming and watching people getting their best results in exercise and diet. Now is your turn to have your dream come true.

    You can have the most sophisticated pilates devices and exercises in this one supreme pilates pro equipment and with this you will get your most awaited dream of lean and sexy body.

  2. Your Sense Of Equilibrium Will Improve

    Sometimes if we are walking or even just riding a bike we have the tendency to fall or be out of balance. By means of constantly doing pilates exercises your sense of balance will develop. Using the many different pilates exercises and techniques will improve your sense of equilibrium in your daily activities.

  3. You Will Lose Lots Of Calories

    How many times have you tried losing weight but never really reached your goal. You have tried many different ways and still you did not succeed. With this pilates supreme pro machine, you can be confident that you will get what you want.

    You will reduce a lot of calories by increasing your body’s metabolism due to the valuable and effective pilates exercises that you will do. Additionally this repetitive movements, focus more to your body’s core which is the torso. supreme pilates pro exercises

  4. Improves Your Abdominal Muscles

    Using pilates in many succeeding sessions will improve your abs. This pilates exercises especially the stretching part where you have to hold the straps down reaching your abdomen while raising your two legs upward is so effective in shaping your abs to look good.

    Doing this regularly will stretch your stomach muscles, flatten them and make your abdomen firm and sculpted.

  5. You Will Be Strong And Toned Body

    With this type of machine you will be able to do workout that will improve to make your specific body parts strong and firm like, arms, legs, butt and hips. If you do this regularly you will get results fast. One of the greatest effect also in this machine is that your posture will be improved.

  6. You Can Use This In Your Home

    One great advantage to have this is to know that this is portable and you can easily fold this equipment and keep it in your room. This way you can quickly get it and start your exercise routine right in your own home.

    How cool it is to know that this machine is easily carried and can be used right where you live at your own convenience. This will save you a lot of time, energy and money traveling back and forth to go to the gym and do your workout.

  7. You Will Strengthen Your Core Muscles

    Having this excellent supreme pilates pro machine and doing the exercises that it can do, will help you improve your bodily muscles especially the lower pelvic area. One of the main goal of pilates is to strengthen your core.

    The core means the combination of many muscles in your upper and lower torso which also comprises the muscles around the pelvic area.


Probably most of you are wondering what is Pilates and where did it come from? Pilates is an invention by Joseph Pilates who was previously a gymnast and a carpenter. In the year 1920, it occurred in his mind to create such a great exercise and useful machine.

He invented this for the purpose of helping soldiers that just came out fighting from war and dancers who suffered from injuries or pain in their continuous working activities. This machine basically helped them recovered in their physical distress and discomfort.

Pilates is a series of exercises that is comparable to yoga but focuses more to develop your body’s core. You maybe wondering what is core? It is the upper body muscles that are on the sides of the torso, stomach muscles, lower muscles on the back, buttocks, etc.

Pilates named his mechanism as “Contrology”, which means that you exercise concentrating on a particular muscle at the same time putting your mind’s attention into your core while you exercise.

With this we improve techniques much better than what most workout demands and these are firmness, stability, mobility, balance, muscular vitality, control, stamina and great posture.

These pilates exercises will help you meet your goals to have an excellent body structure rather than become exhausted due to extensive exercises.

Pilates are exercises that will basically operate in your full body structure. With these unique exercises you won’t even feel tired but you will be more encouraged to continue moving with enthusiasm. Each exercise makes your muscle move with versatility because at the same time you will realize that your other muscles are in motion too.

You will find yourself in full attention working on a particular muscle unlike in a regular workout where you are using an exercise equipment in repetitions without attentiveness.

Pilates instructs you how to operate your muscles during your training so that you can apply them in your everyday activity. Imagine before, you use to sit awkwardly but after you knew much about this exercises your sitting posture and the way you walk will be corrected.


About Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Pilates Pro SPP089

  • There are many ways to make our body slim. We have been using these such as dumbbells, treadmill, bench press, diet pills, jogging, etc.
  • This particular one Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Pilates Pro SPP089 is a mixture of technology and science that can change and transform your body shape to the best.
  • This machine is equipped with adjustable toning tower for your pilates training exercise. This also goes with a special foam pad for yoga posture routine exercise.
  • Isn’t it great to do this pilates workout inside your house? Yes it is true! It is portable, has a folding pad to make it easy to store and carry, that is why you can use this machine inside your living room. This way you will save money instead of going to private studio for training, you do it personally in your own room.
  • Imagine you don’t have to go out and go to a gym! You can use this freely and comfortably to exercise in the privacy of your home.
  • It can carry heavy weight up to 300 lbs., durable and can stay for a long period of time plus don’t worry about fixing its parts because it has a one year warranty.
  • If you are worried about the steps to follow this machine, it includes 5 DVDs that will guide you for every steps

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Supreme Toning Tower Including Pilates and Barre

  • I have tried many times to make my body slim and muscled but I am not happy with my exercise technique. Perhaps you too have the same experience Iike mine but whatever it is I am happy that I found this supreme toning tower workout machine.
  • I am not fun of big exercise equipment but with this one you can easily fold it and keep it freely in your closet or under your bed.
  • If you purchase this you will get 2 tension coils, 2 hand and foot straps with the folding Supreme Toning Tower and 2 DVD’s with instructions and exercises.
  • Sometimes when you buy a machine that are not created with quality, they easily break and you are forced to get another one to replace it. This Supreme Toning Tower is enclosed with a durable metal frame with fancy wooden barre that make it durable. It can be used to support you while you exercise and be creative with it.
  • It is comfortable to carry it because it is not heavy and in addition it is strong. You can even transport this easily to any place you want to bring it.
  • This is very economical because you can use this at your very own home and you don’t have to be back and forth in the gym. In addition you will save a lot of time because you won’t be traveling to get to the place where you workout.
  • This Supreme Toning Tower machine was created to perform its purpose to be the greatest body enhancement machine. Beverly Hills Fitness wanted to convey the best it can give in an affordable price.

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Do you want more information to find out what do people say about this product?


A lot of people always contact us to find out what is the difference between these two products, Supreme Pilates Pro and Supreme Toning Tower. Actually, they look the same, however the one with the “Pro” will let you spend a little more money when you buy it because it has a few added features.

This one with the “Pro” have three (3) bar spots, two (2) support coil sets that measure 13″ and 17″ inches, a pad that folds and it goes with five (5) instructional DVD’s.

The “Tower” have two (2) DVD’s, (one instructional and one workout). It has a locked bar similar to a ballet barre which measures 42″ inches and one coil set that is 15″ inches long.

This machine weights less than the “Pro” and it can be carried easily anywhere. It is great to know that you can use this in your very own home and at any place you go.


It is hard to start using this Supreme Pilates PRO right after purchasing it, without
knowing the different steps on how to operate it properly.

It is not a good idea if we do the wrong steps, so it is better to follow someone who knows it very well and have the expertise. We want to get the perfect results operating it the right way.

You will find below some information and simple procedures on how to use the supreme
pilates pro in eight (8) basic exercises.

Video created by Supreme Pilates PRO


How many times we said to ourselves, my body aches and my joints are stiff. Sometimes we don’t feel like working or going somewhere because of these unpleasant feelings.

Using the exercise routine movements of pilates is an excellent way to avoid this body pains and improve your health. You can actually use any types of pilates equipment but you are not sure how effective are they.

These two kinds, the Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Pilates PRO SPP089 and the Supreme Toning Tower, I believe are one of the best that will give you the fastest results to feel strong and healthy.

It Is Relieving

Imagine if you came from your job very tired, this pilates exercises will make you feel refreshed. Here you will learn how to breath correctly using these exercise movements in this machine. With the proper positioning of your spine and pelvis and he focusing of your steady continuous action, will make you become in unison with your body.

In this exercise the nature of mobility is treasured more than the number of repetitions. Breathing is very important and you will learn how to breath the proper way which will reduce stress and make you calm.

Will Establish A Firm Body

In this type of exercise you will improve the middle part of your body or what we called the core where the muscles in your stomach and the muscles near the spinal cord are developed and improved. This way it will make your stomach flat and your back will become

This way it will make your stomach flat and your back will become firm that will make you feel stronger and energized. Just imagine if you are very tired this is a great chance to improve your strength.

This way it will make your stomach flat and your back will become firm that will make you feel stronger and energized. Just imagine if you are very tired this is a great chance to improve your strength.

Make Muscles Flexible

Using the pilates workout, your muscles will tend to stretch and will boost flexibility which will strengthen the movements of the joints. With these balances, the overall capacity of the muscles will be strong and secure.

Prevent Muscle Injuries

We exercise but we do it in a wrong manner where unevenness of muscles occurs. This kind of muscle change tends to experience injury and back strain.

In this pilates exercises, the entire body receives the full effect of the process which then the overall muscular condition becomes stronger.

This will help you in your continuous activities and prevents your muscles from getting injured. This type of pilates exercise is very popular for a lot of sports enthusiast because of its effective results.

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Tips On How Do You Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise Or Diet

It is a struggle to follow a plan to reduce weight especially if you have to exercise but I can show you tips to lose weight fast without exercise. One of the best way here is eating healthy to lose weight even without effort.

I have exercise plans and in fact I bought some dumbbells to start with but because of my hectic schedule, I can’t seem to cope with workout exercise activities to combine with my diet plans. Finding this amazing tips I am so happy that I can lose weight even if I don’t exercise and don’t take any diet supplements.

We have so many weight loss goals in mind and want to get results in a short time. Some of us want to get results with no struggle like how to lose weight in 10 days. We even wish to lose 10 pounds without exercise in a week and mostly others want to lose weight fast without exercise in 7 days.

Below I have compiled some natural tips for weight loss to start your diet program right now or in the near future.

lose weight fast without exercise

Image Courtesy of Pixabay


Get Rid Of Drinks With Sugar

One of the worst element in food today is adding sugar in our meals which always lead to several diseases. It is easy to be mislead taking sugar in drinks than solid food which will increase weight fast.

Stay away with these drinks totally to have healthy body but instead drink healthy beverages which will prevent you from gaining weight.

Eat Lesser Servings

Have you noticed that in restaurants the food you order have bigger servings? There is an increased in food servings that have been noticed for the past few years.


This has something to do with the rampant rise of body weights and obesities. Taking small servings will force you to take minimal amount of food slowly then you will see that you are losing weight.

tips to lose weight fast

Place Unhealthy Meal On Smaller Plate

This is tricky since I love to eat using big plate but the truth is if you use a small plate you will
have the impression that you are eating a lot. If you use a big plate you would think that you are eating less but actually more.

Our brain is trained to think that small plate have the maximum quantity of food so we have the tendency to eat less and big plate looks that we have smaller content so we have the tendency to eat more.

We have to take advantage of this plate size. It is just wise to put the unhealthy food in smaller plate which makes us to think that we have to eat less. I can say that this is a smart thinking for weight loss.

Consume Lots Of Proteins

It has been proven that eating a lot of proteins influence a lot in our appetite. The more you eat proteins, the more it raises your feeling of being full or satisfied.

It has a lot to do with the feeling of being hungry. Research have found out that when you eat eggs in your breakfast instead of bread you will have less appetite to eat more at lunch time.

Doing this often in your diet will certainly reduce your weight naturally without even exerting so much effort to exercise.

Keep Junk Food Hidden

Our eyes tell us what to do whether we have to grab what we see or not. If we kept junk food
visible to our eyes we have the tendency to grab and eat it especially if we are hungry.

The food what we see that is visible, increases our cravings to have it especially if we are starving. Hide your junk food to a place in your kitchen that you won’t even see and hide the healthy food to a place that you can easily see.

An example for this is, I won’t hide a bag of chips in a transparent glass on top of my kitchen counter but I will place in there some healthy organic food and keep the unhealthy ones inside the closet that I won’t even see.

Take Food With Fiber

eating healthy to lose weight

Most of us don’t even do this! Eat a lot of fiber food and this will make you feel sufficient right away and when this happens your cravings to eat more will stop.

The kind of fiber that is responsible for doing this is called viscous fiber which is found in plant food such us beans, oat cereals, asparagus, flax seeds, oranges, etc. They are formed when it begins to contact with water and impedes cravings.

Video created by NayeliMilemny

Slowly Chewing The Food

It is time to know that consuming your food slowly will make you feel full and you will also have the tendency to eat less. The faster you finish eating the more weight you gain. There is a greater chance that you become obese.

If you make it a habit of eating slowly you will have the best attention to count how many spoons have you taken already which will give you the ability to know if you exceeded the limit.

Drink Water Frequently

Most of the time when I feel hungry I grab the food and sit to eat right away but the best thing to do is to drink water before eating the full meal. This way you will feel a little less hungry than before.

It may be difficult to start this habit right way but practicing it often will make it easier for you little by little. Statistics found out that about 44% of weight is being loss when you drink water before eating in about 4 months.

Eat Unhealthy Meal On Red Plate

One of the smartest idea is to use red plate when you eat your unhealthy or junk food. Doing so will trigger you to help not to eat them. I myself have the tendency to eat these often especially if they are visible around my kitchen or served on a white plate.

The reason behind this is that the color red have a psychological tendency or urge of action which invites you to hinder or keep out. It is also seen in traffic stop lights or other signs that cautious people to stop and surprisingly they are in red colors.

If we use red plates for our unhealthy meal we will receive signal to our brains to stop from eating or at eat less.

tips for weight loss

Eat Not Being Interrupted By Electronic Devises

Most of the time we see ourselves watching tv or at least using our smartphones or computers while eating. This is actually a bad habit because the more we watch tv or deal with the use of electronic devises, the more we have the tendency to over eat because we are not attentive
to what we are eating or how much have been eating.

People who are distracted with this, turns up to be eating more calories than those who are paying attention. So we have to be attentive while we watch or use these devises especially if we are starving.

Stay Away From Stress And Sleep Good

It is important to make sure that you have enough sleep and away from being stressed. The lack of sleep and constant stress in your daily activities disturb the hormones that affects your appetite.

If you are deprive of sleep and you experience constant stress, these hormones are somehow messed up which increase your cravings to eat. Especially when you consume junk food which normally make you gain more weight.

This situation will invite more diseases to your body like diabetes and obesity. Knowing all these will give you some natural weight loss ideas without even using diet pills or doing excessive exercise.

I advise that you try out one first and if you get good results continue using the other ones. A slight modification in your normal eating habit using these ideas will give you a significant change of your weight in the distant future.


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The Best Naturewise Green Coffee Bean Extract 800 with GCA Fat Burn Supplement Reviews


naturewise green coffee bean extract 800

Image Courtesy of Amazon

I have been looking for a natural weight loss pill this year 2016 and found this great Naturewise pure green coffee bean extract label 800 with gca especially. This is one of the most effective fat burning supplements that everybody is talking about these days especially to know that it has been mentioned positively by Dr Oz. I am actually amazed about the information that I found about this amazing pills.

If you are struggling to lose weight or just not sure about what to take, this product is the most effective ones as far as


what I have discovered. It has helped hundreds of people so far and still growing. You will never have a big tummy anymore or a flabby body that people around you make fun of. And the good part here is, it is very economical!

I call this a magical diet pill because it has a fast and efficient way to reduce fat. It is 100 percent pure with no artificial ingredients. One of the big question that most people ask is “Does this burn fat?”. It is actually excellent in burning fat as well as sugar. This is great because it has a special substance called chlorogenic acids and green coffee antioxidants which are found naturally in the beans.


You probably are wondering what are the elements that compose this. The regular brewed coffee beans have 180 mg caffeine, however this one have only 20 gm of caffeine which is good to your health. In addition to this it has the material called chlorogenic acid which has the ability to stop glucose production in your body, increases metabolism and eliminates fat in liver.

The most interesting part here is that before they harvest, they have to make sure that the chlorogenic acid level is at the highest before they harvest it. It could be detected by the color and taste of the bean which is attained by the kind of soil it is planted on and will eventually help them know when to harvest. Then in the laboratory they will meticulously study the acid level to make sure that it is pure and in the top level before they proceed to sell them.



There are many positive gains that you can get with this supplement. This is 100 percent all natural capsules with no fake constituents and it has a slightest amount of caffein. It is discovered that it has various antioxidants which help in fighting and preventing cancer. One main substance that is helpful also is called chlorogenic which has some health benefits: has a great role also in combating cancer, reduces the level of glucose in the blood, increases metabolism and helps get rid of fat in the body. It also decreases blood pressure and it does not make you shaky after drinking it. This miracle diet supplement have also great results when you combine it with types of exercises like bodybuilding, aerobic and running.


Many of you probably have experienced that when you take some similar pills you became nervous or trembling. This type of pill does not cause this kind of side effect. In addition, after taking this, you don’t get indigestion and strange taste. In some cases, a few undergo sleep deprivation and to some, stomach swellings from people with diabetes.


I can say that naturewise green coffee bean extract 800 with gca is a great natural weight loss supplement that will reduce your weight gradually. It also has health benefits that is helpful in your body. What are you waiting for? Start losing weight by grabbing it here now!

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My Best Picks On Burn Fat While You Sleep Supplement – How To Burn Fat While Sleeping?

A lot of times we are looking for diet pills that work to help us reduce fat while working out with the goal to look sexy and get ripped but there is another better way to do it which is loosing weight during sleep and in this article I will tell you more about it and show you the best burn fat while you sleep supplement.

burn fat while you sleep supplement

Image Courtesy of Amazon

You will learn that this pill can help reduce your weight and you will also know how to do it naturally. You will discover some other great diet tablets that you can use in the evenings. I will also share with you effective ways to reduce fat while sleeping.


I’m feeling worried about my weight and also I am beginning to build inferiority complex when I am around people. I thought loosing weight is only by exerting effort using some exercise tools or moving your body but I am happy to discover that loosing weight can also be attained in sleeping which means that I can do it inside my bedroom privately without people around me. With the help of this supplement I am confident that I will lose weight.



While I am struggling to lose weight, I found this weight loss supplement which I am very happy about. It made me curious to know the advantages and benefits of taking this pill. The first question that comes to my mind is, “How does sleeping burns calories?”.

burn fat while you sleep supplement

Image Courtesy of Amazon

I discovered that there are many reparative functions that are happening while we sleep. One is that the cells in our brain that helps in our memories are regenerated. Body cells are being replaced with new cells.

The tissues are being prepared to build muscle. It maintains our body temperatures and empowers blood circulation activities. Improves our strength and skin that prevents from aging and many other healthy purposes are happening in times of sleep.

We lose belly fat and our body becomes thinner little by little while sleeping. Of all these we can say that we burn more calories while we sleep.

One of the best thing that is working also in our sleep is that our body receives more nourishments or getting more glucose that our body needed. These are being produced only in deep sleep or during rem which uses a lot of energy and eventually reduces calories.


The big question is, “How to burn fat while sleeping?”. When we sleep the burning of calories also occurs and it only happens during the point of deep rem sleep.

In this rem moment, our body and brain specially are actively working and produce more energy to do all the necessary healthy functions that we don’t get when we are awake. Then doing so our body reduces more calories and we lose weight during those rem moments.

During our sleep schedule we have to reach a certain time where the rem moment is experience. If the rem didn’t happen we don’t actually allow the calories burned because our body can not produce energy. Only in the rem moment the actual calorie reduction is happening.



  • Never drink alcohol at least three hours before you sleep. Normally liquors make us sleepy but if it happens we don’t normally experience the rem moment because alcohol impedes the rem experience.
  • Don’t exercise at least four hours before you go to bed.
  • Avoid food that will stop you from sleeping but eat food that is good to induce sleep specially with in deep sleep with the rem moment because it induces the nighttime calorie reduction.


burn fat while you sleep supplement

Image Courtesy of Amazon

Using the perfect diet supplement lose weight while you sleep pills will help in getting the best quality in your sleep. It also have the natural ability to burn fat. It also helps to start endure sleepiness that will lead to the best rem moments.

Most importantly if you have some problems in sleeping these supplements will help you become sleepy in a natural way.

Since we are talking about a relevant topic I can also mention an additional great fat burning diet supplement that you can also consider which is widely popular now is called Forskolin.

1. Sheer Shred PM
It is composed of rich dose of elemens for weight loss: burn fat while you sleep supplementA very rich quantity of constituents that you can use to reduce weight easily. If you are looking for the best way to lose weight without too much effort this is the good one. You don’t need to exercise or to eat less. You just have to sleep. It helps in making your sleep good and burns fat while sleeping. It enhances your sleeping ability and eliminates your body fat during your sleep hours.

2. Modern Man PM
This is a product with strong fat burning quality. It has a burn fat while you sleep supplementstrong reducing substance to burn fat and it is a full pledge weight loss product that have been created. Start getting a full deep sleep and increase your metabolism which will eliminate fat in your body.

3. Garnicia PM
This is for both men and women and for all kinds of bodies. If you are looking for a weight loss pill that works both for women and men this is for you. You maybe wondering if this is good for the kind of body you have.burn fat while sleeping supplement It is a reducing fat pill that is good for all body forms and most especially it reduces fat in your tummy.

4. Belly Blaster PM
A weight loss pill that has the finest ingredient which is professionally done in the laboratory. It has the strong top quality concentrate that brings great results. Taking the pill delivers the result that during your sleeping hours you loose weight and changes yourself to control your appetite.burn fat while you sleep supplement

(Images Courtesy of Amazon)



1. Eat Citrus Fruits
This contains a fat burning substance and vitamin C. This vitamin C nutrient has amazing content that makes your body’s capacity to burn fat faster. It is true that consuming many fiber rich food and fruits to augment your body’s metabolism and burn fat quickly. The citrus fruits that you can eat are: lemons. limes, guava, papaya, oranges, tangerines, tomatoes and grapefruit. You can also make juices out of these fruits and will also give the same effect to reduce body fat.

2. Prepare Legumes
This is a plant that gives lean protein. Protein dissolves very slowly which needs a lot of energy to do this process. Doing so it burns more calories during sleeping. Some kinds to try are split peas, lentils and some types of beans.

3. Eating and Drinking Dairy Foods
Consume dairy foods and drinking milk frequently. Dairy food can encourage weight loss by breaking down cells of fat due to calcium. Milk have complex carbohydrates which helps to make your insulin level very low thus burns more calories. These all happens at night during sleep. Sample of them are yogurt, hard and soft cheeses and skim milk.

4. Take Whole Grains
Whole grains have substance that make your insulin levels low which ultimately burn fat. They have complex carbohydrates and fiber which increase metabolism thus give energy and burn fat and calories. Some of these are wheat bran, oatmeal, whole wheat and brown rice.


This drink will help increase your body metabolism and will eventually reduce fat and burn calories. It is recommended that you drink this before you go to sleep so that the energy increasing metabolism will happen while you sleep.



  • Lemon – 1 piece
  • Cucumber – 1 piece
  • Grated ginger – 1 tablespoon
  • Aloe vera juice – 1 tablespoon
  • Bunch of cilantro or parsley

Video created by CureJoy


If you are looking to find the easiest and less tiring way to lose weight take this burn fat while you sleep supplement. You will indeed lose weight fast and it will begin to happen in your nighttime sleep.

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