Tips On How Do You Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise Or Diet

It is a struggle to follow a plan to reduce weight especially if you have to exercise but I can show you tips to lose weight fast without exercise. One of the best way here is eating healthy to lose weight even without effort.

I have exercise plans and in fact I bought some dumbbells to start with but because of my hectic schedule, I can’t seem to cope with workout exercise activities to combine with my diet plans. Finding this amazing tips I am so happy that I can lose weight even if I don’t exercise and don’t take any diet supplements.

lose weight fast without exercise

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We have so many weight loss goals in mind and want to get results in a short time. Some of us want to get results with no struggle like how to lose weight in 10 days. We even wish to lose 10 pounds without exercise in a week and mostly others want to lose weight fast without exercise in 7 days.

Below I have compiled some natural tips for weight loss to start your diet program right now or in the near future.


Get Rid Of Drinks With Sugar

One of the worst element in food today is adding sugar in our meals which always lead to several diseases. It is easy to be mislead taking sugar in drinks than solid food which will increase weight fast.

Stay away with these drinks totally to have healthy body but instead drink healthy beverages which will prevent you from gaining weight.

Eat Lesser Servings

Have you noticed that in restaurants the food you order have bigger servings? There is an increased in food servings that have been noticed for the past few years.


This has something to do with the rampant rise of body weights and obesities. Taking small servings will force you to take minimal amount of food slowly then you will see that you are losing weight.

tips to lose weight fast

Place Unhealthy Meal On Smaller Plate

This is tricky since I love to eat using big plate but the truth is if you use a small plate you will
have the impression that you are eating a lot. If you use a big plate you would think that you are eating less but actually more.

Our brain is trained to think that small plate have the maximum quantity of food so we have the tendency to eat less and big plate looks that we have smaller content so we have the tendency to eat more.

We have to take advantage of this plate size. It is just wise to put the unhealthy food in smaller plate which makes us to think that we have to eat less. I can say that this is a smart thinking for weight loss.

Consume Lots Of Proteins

It has been proven that eating a lot of proteins influence a lot in our appetite. The more you eat proteins, the more it raises your feeling of being full or satisfied.

It has a lot to do with the feeling of being hungry. Research have found out that when you eat eggs in your breakfast instead of bread you will have less appetite to eat more at lunch time.

Doing this often in your diet will certainly reduce your weight naturally without even exerting so much effort to exercise.

Keep Junk Food Hidden

Our eyes tell us what to do whether we have to grab what we see or not. If we kept junk food
visible to our eyes we have the tendency to grab and eat it especially if we are hungry.

The food what we see that is visible, increases our cravings to have it especially if we are starving. Hide your junk food to a place in your kitchen that you won’t even see and hide the healthy food to a place that you can easily see.

An example for this is, I won’t hide a bag of chips in a transparent glass on top of my kitchen counter but I will place in there some healthy organic food and keep the unhealthy ones inside the closet that I won’t even see.

Take Food With Fiber

eating healthy to lose weight

Most of us don’t even do this! Eat a lot of fiber food and this will make you feel sufficient right away and when this happens your cravings to eat more will stop.

The kind of fiber that is responsible for doing this is called viscous fiber which is found in plant food such us beans, oat cereals, asparagus, flax seeds, oranges, etc. They are formed when it begins to contact with water and impedes cravings.

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Slowly Chewing The Food

It is time to know that consuming your food slowly will make you feel full and you will also have the tendency to eat less. The faster you finish eating the more weight you gain. There is a greater chance that you become obese.

If you make it a habit of eating slowly you will have the best attention to count how many spoons have you taken already which will give you the ability to know if you exceeded the limit.

Drink Water Frequently

Most of the time when I feel hungry I grab the food and sit to eat right away but the best thing to do is to drink water before eating the full meal. This way you will feel a little less hungry than before.

It may be difficult to start this habit right way but practicing it often will make it easier for you little by little. Statistics found out that about 44% of weight is being loss when you drink water before eating in about 4 months.

Eat Unhealthy Meal On Red Plate

One of the smartest idea is to use red plate when you eat your unhealthy or junk food. Doing so will trigger you to help not to eat them. I myself have the tendency to eat these often especially if they are visible around my kitchen or served on a white plate.

The reason behind this is that the color red have a psychological tendency or urge of action which invites you to hinder or keep out. It is also seen in traffic stop lights or other signs that cautious people to stop and surprisingly they are in red colors.

If we use red plates for our unhealthy meal we will receive signal to our brains to stop from eating or at eat less.

tips for weight loss

Eat Not Being Interrupted By Electronic Devises

Most of the time we see ourselves watching tv or at least using our smartphones or computers while eating. This is actually a bad habit because the more we watch tv or deal with the use of electronic devises, the more we have the tendency to over eat because we are not attentive
to what we are eating or how much have been eating.

People who are distracted with this, turns up to be eating more calories than those who are paying attention. So we have to be attentive while we watch or use these devises especially if we are starving.

Stay Away From Stress And Sleep Good

It is important to make sure that you have enough sleep and away from being stressed. The lack of sleep and constant stress in your daily activities disturb the hormones that affects your appetite.

If you are deprive of sleep and you experience constant stress, these hormones are somehow messed up which increase your cravings to eat. Especially when you consume junk food which normally make you gain more weight.

This situation will invite more diseases to your body like diabetes and obesity. Knowing all these will give you some natural weight loss ideas without even using diet pills or doing excessive exercise.

I advise that you try out one first and if you get good results continue using the other ones. A slight modification in your normal eating habit using these ideas will give you a significant change of your weight in the distant future.


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